Serious drug offences are often charged as a result of extremely complex police investigations, sometimes in concert with other organisations such as the Federal Police, the Australian Crime Commission or Customs. The evidence in these matters will often include lengthy transcriptions of intercepted (‘tapped’) telephone and text conversations. There may be undercover informants, whose identity will be kept secret even as they give evidence, as well as undercover observers making visual observations to add to the prosecution brief. These prosecutions may be launched in conjunction with asset confiscation proceedings.

It is crucial, when facing serious drug charges, to be properly represented and advised. There is a wide scope of culpability as well as crucial intricacies in relation to evidence that may mean the Crown are unable to secure a conviction. Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers have the right team to unpick the facts as alleged by the Crown, providing our client’s with the best possible defence.

It is crucial to ensure that, if you are being questioned or have been arrested in relation to drug offences, you do not answer questions (other than those required by law) without consulting with a solicitor; in certain situations it may be the case that the actual drug evidence may be excluded due to a defect in the search or seizure – however, a conviction can be secured solely on the basis of a record of interview.

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