If you are involved in a major car accident, it is likely there will be at least some investigation in relation to potentially laying a charge of Cause Death by Dangerous Driving, Cause Injury by Dangerous Driving or Driving Without Due Care. It is strongly advised to seek legal advice prior to giving any statement and prior to being arrested – which can take days, weeks or even months. While you are legally required to provide information as to the driver of a vehicle where you are the driver or passenger, you are not required to provide a full statement to police following an accident. Doing so without legal advice can have an enormous impact on any charges laid.

If you have been involved in a serious accident, it is highly recommended that you contact a solicitor immediately after contacting police and emergency services, and rendering any assistance to anyone who might require it at the scene. It is a serious offence to leave the scene of an accident and, where the accident is particularly serious, heavy penalties, including a medium-term sentence of imprisonment, may apply.

Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers can provide you with a defence team that has experience in working on major crash investigations and an intimate knowledge of the investigative methods used by the police to build a brief of Crown evidence. Our team are dedicated, empathetic and have the attention to detail to ensure that the maximum scrutiny is applied to any charge relating to serious driving offences.

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