Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers can represent you in court for robbery, home invasion or trespassing offences in Adelaide.

Robbery, home invasions and other trespassing offences are treated extremely seriously by the courts with any form of armed robbery or home invasion offence usually attracting a sentence of immediate imprisonment – and certainly so when any aggravating features are present. Aggravating circumstances can vary widely depending upon the specific offence as well as the age of the victim, whether or not a weapon was used or whether or not the alleged offence was perpetrated in company with others. Often in offences such as these, the crown will rely heavily on CCTV footage, DNA evidence or identification evidence provided by witnesses. Mistakes made in these forensic procedures can mean that innocent persons can be arrested and charged.

Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers will approach any robbery, home invasion or trespassing offence with a careful analysis of the forensic evidence provided by the Crown – with particular reference to the accuracy of the information and its consistency with a potential defence case.

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