Have you been, or are you likely to be, charged with Murder or Manslaughter?

If you have been charged (or think you might be) by police with murder, manslaughter or attempted murder, it is crucial that you protect your rights immediately by engaging a lawyer.

Murder is considered the most serious offence that one can be charged with in South Australia and all other states and territories. Murder trials are dealt with in the Supreme Court, reflecting the seriousness of the charge. It is important to realise that the records taken during these investigations are meticulous. Almost anything, however innocuous, can become evidence of some description. In many murder trials it has been obvious that had the accused sought legal advice at the outset then they would have benefited significantly. It is important therefore to protect your rights if you are charged with murder, manslaughter or attempted murder by ensuring that you do not waive any of your legal rights without being properly advised as to the legal ramifications of doing so.

Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers has close working relationships with a number of senior barristers in South Australia and interstate, who can provide expert analysis of evidence and critical insight into murder cases. This can prove essential in assisting clients charged with murder, manslaughter or attempted murder.

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