Fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and other forms of ‘white collar crime’ are generally complex and result from either significant police or financial investigations. The documentary evidence can often be lengthy and, in the case of forensic accounting reports, sometimes relies on incorrect assumptions or includes fundamental errors that either exaggerate the dollar value of the alleged crime or make an offence seem all but proven when it may, in fact, be far from the case.

It is essential in such instances that the Crown case be tested, as do issues relating to ‘authority’ and, in certain cases, who the alleged victim might be. For example, it is arguable that using the credit card or other credit facility of another is victimising the underwriting bank rather than the holder or beneficiary of the credit card.

Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers not only has the expertise and hard-headed approach to tackle these white collar crimes but, crucially, has access to a large network of expert commercial solicitors as well as strong relationships with some of the most respected forensic accountants throughout Australia.

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