Domestic violence, or DV, is a serious offence that can affect a defendant in serious and unique ways. If you have been charged with a DV offence, you would have probably also been issued with an Intervention Order (formally known as a restraining order or sometimes called an AVO).

The effects of being charged with a DV offence is that you are normally not able to contact your partner and/or children, you may be removed from your house and you may find yourself remanded in custody. The consequences for breaching bail conditions or conditions of an Intervention Order are very serious and can often include bail being refused.

If you are charged with a domestic violence offence, or are charged with contravening an Intervention Order, it is essential that you receive the best legal advice. The defence team at Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers has considerable experience in dealing with domestic violence offences and Intervention Orders and so can give you the right direction at a very difficult time.

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