Defend Your Criminal Law Charge With Our Fixed-Fee Costs (SA)


Being arrested or charged by police can be extremely stressful, particularly when it is the result of one bad decision or mistake. Regrettably, when you are charged with offending such as drink driving, driving disqualified, shoplifting, stealing, minor drug possession or minor assault, the ramifications can be significant. Penalties can include fines, convictions on your criminal record and even jail.

The ramifications of these penalties can have enormous impact on your life for years to come; some countries, for example, may refuse a visa for entry if you have a conviction recorded for any drug-related or violent offence. Many forms of employment now require Police Checks as a prerequisite, and having convictions recorded can seriously impact your ability to gain or maintain employment. Even though a particular offence may be considered ‘minor’, it is still extremely important to ensure that a mistake does not turn into a lifetime of punishment.

The team at Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers understands that everyone can make mistakes, our barristers & solicitors are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best possible outcome and avoid being punished too harshly for a simple mistake or minor offence; in many cases, we are able to obtain an outcome where no conviction is recorded and no further penalty is applied.

Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers is pleased to offer fixed-fee representation for many common offences – this allows you to ensure that your interests and future are protected by dedicated and experienced barristers & solicitors, while ensuring that bills for legal fees are not causing you even more trouble. Our fixed fees apply to pleas in mitigation for a wide variety of offences, but if you are charged with an offence that is not on our fixed-fee schedule, we still may be able to arrange a customised fixed-fee agreement to suit your circumstances.

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