The law in South Australia and abroad in relation to assault covers a wide ambit of potential offences, from threats and unwanted touching to punching and attacks with a weapon including shooting or stabbing. The most serious assault offences are those of Aggravated Cause Serious Harm and Intend Cause Serious Harm, which are only slightly less serious than Attempted Murder and will often be charged instead of the latter in situations where the Crown will not be able to prove an actual intent to kill.

The more common variety of assault is that which occurs in or around licensed premises, parties or similar. It is important to remember that proportional self-defence or defence of another can provide a complete defence to almost all forms of assault. When you have been charged with assault there are a number of factors that need to be assessed in determining the strength of the Crown case – these can include the level of harm caused, the reliability of identification evidence, self-defence, consent as a defence and the admissibility of any confessional statements.

Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers can provide you with the right defence team for any assault charge, from a basic assault through to a serious assault causing harm with a weapon.

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