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Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers believes that achieving the right outcomes requires a defence team that will fight for its clients, providing no-nonsense advice and working tirelessly to obtain the best possible result.

We believe that the ability to deal with, negotiate with and vigorously protect our clients’ interests against the Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions is crucial to ensure that all of our clients’ rights are respected and that each client also receives the right legal advice from the right criminal defence lawyers.


Tom Cuthbertson has extensive experience handling a wide variety of criminal defence matters – including criminal defence  in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland.  Tom manages Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers under the leadership of the Legal Practice Director, Jeremy Culshaw.

Tom has defended clients charged with serious matters from complex and major drug trafficking and major indictable assaults through to child sex related matters, murder and attempted murder, rape, and fraud and dishonesty offences. Tom has a record of achieving positive results for his clients with his strong advocacy and negotiation skills.

Tom has experience defending clients charged with some of the most serious criminal offences in Australia, including murder, rape, drug trafficking and assaults. With experience presenting and preparing complex and sophisticated defences which include mental impairment defences and other technical defences, Tom and his team take a strong approach at the outset – with a view that a client’s rights are sacrosanct and that no stone should be left unturned in testing the Crown case.

Tom is also experienced in managing guilty pleas to ensure that an accused person is presented to the Court in the best possible light so that the sentencing judge or magistrate is able to see the true picture of the person before them rather than just ‘another criminal’ which can afford our clients leniency in the form of a good behaviour bond or suspended sentence depending on the circumstances of the case.

To contact Tom Cuthbertson, 24 hours a day, e-mail him at tom.cuthbertson@culshawmiller.com.au, make an inquiry online or call him directly on 0423 534 621.

Alex Panousakis has worked with some of South Australia and Australia’s most highly regarded Senior Counsel including involvement with successfully defending high-profile murder, rape and firearms matters and appeals. 

Sam Lehman provides support to Tom and Alex by drafting complex legal documents, conducting legal research and appearing at Court hearings.   


With offices in Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne as well as strong partnerships in every major city, Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers represent clients from all states and territories – justice does not end at the CBD! With experience in country and regional Courts, your criminal defence lawyers will be well placed to defend your rights wherever and whenever you need them.

We will work closely with you to develop the right personal defence team for you. Our clients can be assured that their personal defence team will be focused at the outset on achieving the best possible result in their individual circumstances.

Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers also retains strong links to the criminal law bar, ensuring access not only to Senior Counsel and Queen’s Counsel but to experienced and expert barristers across a range of specialties nationwide.

Call us today on (08) 8464 0033 (Adelaide & Melbourne) or (08) 9488 1300 (Perth) or for 24 Hour advice contact Tom Cuthbertson directly on 0423 534 621.

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