Do I have to unlock my phone for Police?

It’s a common story in an era where mobile telephones are prevalent; Police asking arrested or detained persons to either provide a pin code to unlock an iPhone or other mobile or ‘requesting’ that an arrested person does so. During the pressure of an arrest, or in the desire to assist or be seen to… Read more

Home Detention: Can I serve my gaol sentence at home?

The Statutes Amendment (Home Detention) Bill 2016 has passed the House of Assembly and is currently awaiting assent. The gravamen cannot be overstated for those awaiting sentencing for serious matters. Whereas previously,  a court having determined a sentence of imprisonment was appropriate had only to determine whether ‘good reason’ existed to suspend a sentence (that is, the… Read more

Abuse of Public Office & Corruption Offences

South Australia has a formidable and active anti-corruption policing mechanism and robust laws to deal with corruption offences that arise from being an employee or agent of the public service or a holder of public office. The recent addition of the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the existing Anti-Corruption Branch of South Australia Police are… Read more

Sentences for Drug Trafficking in South Australia

Drug trafficking, or trafficking in a controlled substance, is considered a serious offence. While many people may think having possession of a moderate amount of drugs is not such a big deal, the reality is that in most cases possession of particular amounts of drugs is sufficient to give rise to a presumption of trafficking,… Read more

Intervention Orders: What should I do if I’m served?

-Tom Cuthbertson Intervention Orders, arising out of the Intervention Orders (Prevention of Abuse) Act are an incredibly powerful tool that can be used either through the Police or through private applications in order to regulate personal relationships where there is a risk, or alleged risk, of abuse. While such orders have existed in some variety… Read more

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